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Your Stanforth bike will arrive to you boxed. We recommend having the bike taken out of the box, fully assembled and set up by a trained mechanic, either at your local bike shop or by a mobile mechanic who can come to your house.

In the UK we have partnered with CycleTech UK who can set your bike up at your home - if this is something you'd like to do then we will send out a voucher with the bike giving you a £20 discount on the cost of CycleTech setting up your Stanforth bike, just let us know and we will send the voucher out. We can even arrange to have it delivered directly to the Cycletech mechanic - you will pay them directly for this service but the voucher will give you the discount. It's really important to have your new bike built/set-up correctly, particularly for safety reasons, but also to make sure your brakes and gears work correctly and smoothly.  Cycle Tech UK will make sure your Stanforth bike is assembled by an expert to British Standards 6102. Click here to find your nearest Cycletech mechanic.

If you're experienced with bike maintenance and set up and will be setting the bike up yourself please read the owners manual here

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