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We have partnered with Yellow Jersey insurance meaning that our UK customers get an exclusive 20% discount for bike insurance even when heading off on a bike tour outside the UK.

Stanforth Bikes do not receive any commission on cover you take up with Yellow Jersey, it’s purely an added benefit of being a Stanforth Conway customer.

So who are Yellow Jersey?

Yellow Jersey Insurance provide specialised, comprehensive insurance for cyclists, so you can head off on your expedition with some peace of mind.​

They provide a range of short-term options for one-off trips, or annual policies to keep you covered all year round for as many adventures as you like.​

Their Ultimate package is fully comprehensive insurance for your bicycle with worldwide cover as standard; anywhere you go, your bike can go too – and that’s for up to 120 days. For those of you looking for a shorter trip within Europe their Performance package will cover you in Europe for up to 30 days.

They also provide cover in transit – be it with an airline, ferry or train – for both your bicycle and the bike box as well as cover for theft, accidental damage and crash damage.

If you’re looking at heading off for more than 120 days they will still be able to help put together a bespoke package for you so it’s worth giving them a call.

They also do travel insurance specifically for cycling which will cover you for a medical emergency and repatriation costs should you have an accident while on tour.

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