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Can I buy frame and forks only?
Yes. Conway frames and forks are available to buy. They come with the headset fitted and the seat bolt. 
Can I go for a test ride?
Yes at our premises in Hove you can see the bikes and try them out for size, just give us a call (07850881438) or email us ( to arrange a time. Please make an appointment as we are in our workshop in a different premices most of the time.
What pressure should my tyres be?
Here are the recommended PSI’s:


Schwalbe Marathon Racer 700x35c: 67-97 psi

Panaracer Gravelking 700x43c: 60 Max psi



What mudguards fit on the Stanforth Conway?
The Conway has clearance for a 700c x 43mm tyre with up to 55mm mudguards. The guards we tend to fit to this model are the SKS Chromoplastic 45mm, particularly with the 35mm tyres.                                                                                                                        
Why a fillet brazed frame?

A fillet brazed frame is strong, particularly when made by a top framebuilder using quality tubing.                                                                                                       

A key benefit of both lugged and fillet brazed frames, is the lower temperature required versus welding. From speaking to frame fatigue testers in Germany, welded steel frames seem to struggle in testing versus their brazed/soldered counterparts.        

Where do you ship to?
Most places. If you can't see your country in the options when you come to order then email us and we will check the costs and let you know.
How long until I get my frame/bike from ordering it?
It's normally around 8 weeks. All of our frames are made once you have ordered, we don't hold any stock of frames. We will notify you approximately six-seven weeks after your order to let you know your Stanforth bike/frame is ready and to confirm your delivery address and let you know when we are planning to despatch.                                                                                                                       
How long until I get my frame/bike from it being despatched?
It varies by country. In the UK we use ParcelForce48 so it's two working days after the despatch note has been sent (if booked by midday). For other destinations please see below.
EU frame and forks estimated delivery times from despatch below:
EU complete bikes estimated delivery times from despatch below:
Outside of Europe frame and forks estimated delivery times:
Are shipping dates guaranteed?
We'd love to say yes to this as we know what it's like waiting patiently at home for a delivery and it doesn't arrive. But unfortunately it's not 100% guaranteed. However we've carefully selected our partners and all of the services we use offer track and trace, and they aim to deliver on their estimated delivery date, but it is not guaranteed.                                                                                                  
What warranty covers my frame or bike?
For our warranty click here                                                                                                                                                                     
What payment methods can I use?
We offer Paypal and online payment by all major debit and credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We can also accept BACS transfer if preferred.                                                                                                                                                           
Which racks do you recommend?
We’re a big fan of Tubus racks - they’re not cheap but they’re very good. For the rear on the Conway we recommend the Tubus Vega Evo, and on the front the Tara low rider.                                                                                          
What bottle cages do you recommend?
We've had a good experience with Blackburn cages holding the bottles securely. To match the black Tubus racks the Blackburn Mountain cage is good.                                                                          
Do you sell touch-up paint?
Yes we do have a few small bottles each with 30ml of paint in the Bahama Gold and Ash Green. It’s not in our online shop but if you would like to purchase a bottle please get in touch. Pleabe be aware that as the frames are powder coated the paint will be a different texture to the powdered frame                                                                                                 
How do I stop the rusting of exposed steel parts of the frame?
Exposed areas such as threads in mudguard or rack bosses, or areas that have been exposed through a chip or wear or tear do need attention. We would recommend touch up paint on chips and on exposed threads then use grease                                       
Will the frame need facing and reaming when I get it?
We finish our frames to a high standard so this won’t be necessary. This includes facing the top and bottom surfaces of the headtube, reaming the head and seat tubes as well as facing the bottom bracket shell.                                                                                
How do I stop squeaking brakes? 
Best answered by
I'm outside of the EU - can VAT be taken off the cost I pay?                                                                                                                        
There is no tax on the shipping cost you see at checkout but VAT is included in the cost of the frame or bike. We're not able to change this on the website but as it will need to be done manually. Email us which bike you're looking to buy and we will email you back an invoice excluding VAT. In this case you will need to pay via bank transfer. 
I'm not sure which groupset to choose, Tiagra triple or the 105/Ultegra double?
There are a few factors which may make you lean towards one over the other but please be aware the difference in the low gearing is actually relatively minimal and the high gearing is the same:

Terrain: If you'll be going up steep hills regularly then you might be more inclined to choose the triple groupset

Luggage: if you will be travelling with a minimal load which won't be slowing you down then the double set-up should provide you with enough low gearing

Your strength: If you're a strong and regular cyclist then the Double compact chainset (34/50) with 11-34 rear cassette should be sufficient

Distance you'll be touring: If you'll be in the saddle for many hours per day and you find that towards the end of the day your legs don't have much left go with the triple!

Gear inches (based on a 700cx35mm tyre):


34/50 Compact chainset with 11-34 cassette - 27.2 - 124.0

30/39/50 triple with 11-32 cassette - 25.6 - 124.0

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