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Durability and Longevity: There’s no reason why a good quality steel frame shouldn’t last a life time. Reynolds 853 is air hardened and heat treated. This makes it strong and durable with an uncomparable shelf life to a carbon frame

Ride quality: This is a touring bike designed for many hours in the saddle. There is no better material for touring than steel. The comfort is unparalleled versus other materials. The tubing selection gives the perfect balance between ride comfort, frame stiffness and strength in the right places.

Fit: All of our frames are made to order. If you need the geometry tweaked e.g. top tube for example then we can do that to ensure the right fit for you. Because of the wide range of tube strengths, thicknesses and diameters we can choose the right tube combination for the bike. For example for a particularly heavy rider we can fit stronger tubes in certain places


Fixability: One key benefit of a steel frame on a long distance tour is its fixability. A crack or dent caused by a crash for example, can be fixed up by a welder which surprisingly there seems to be nearby in most remote villages around the world… It’s unlikely to happen but good to know it can be fixed.

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